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Fire Extinguisher Parts

Get parts for servicing all the extinguishers we sell: gauges, valve stems, o-rings, rivets, tamper seals, pull pins and the list goes on. Wall and vehicle brackets allow you to mount extinguishers in a conspicuous place.


Dry Chemical Gauges, Clean Agent Gauges, Water-Based Extinguisher Gauges



UL Recognized Component O-Rings, Gasket and Quad Rings, O-Ring Kit, Silicone Grease, O-Lube



Tamper Seals
Custom Tamper Seals, Non-Custom Tamper Seals, Seals



Cartridge Bushings and Shipping Caps
Filling Bonnet, A and AA Bushings, E Bushings, Shipping Caps



CO2 Siphon Tubes



CO2 Horns, Nipples and Handles



Replacement Bands and Straps
Universal Hose Strap and Clip, One-Piece Hose and Clip, CO2 Replacement Straps, CO2 Replacement Bands



Wall Hangers
Wall Hangers, I Beam Adapter



Valve Stems
Dry Chemical Valve Stems, Pressurized Water Valve Stems, Halon Valve Stems, CO2 Valve Stems, Valve Stem Kit






Pull Pins



CO2 and Nitrogen Valves
CO2 Fire Extinguisher Valves, Wheeled Unit Valves, Quick Release Valves, Commercial CO2 Valves, Commercial Nitrogen Valves



CO2 Safety Discs and Washers



CO2 Hose Assemblies
CO2 Fire Extinguisher Hose, CO2 Wheeled Unit Hose



Beverage Cylinder Equipment
Carrying Handles and Adapters, Beverage Regulators



Vehicle, Spring Clip and Heavy-Duty Brackets
Vehicle Brackets, Spring Clip Brackets, Heavy-Duty Dolly Cart, Hanger Loop Kit


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